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    Table 1 Characteristics of patients included in proportional


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    pandora charms Their characteristics are presented in table 1.Table 1 Characteristics of patients included in proportional hazards model measured after three month dietary run in after diagnosis of diabetes and those included in UKPDS glucose control study.1 Figures are means (SD) unless stated otherwiseView this table:View popupView inlineParticipants in UKPDS blood glucose control studyAfter a three month dietary run in period patients were stratified on the basis of fasting plasma glucose concentration and body weight. The 3867 patients who had fasting plasma glucose concentrations between 6.1 and 15.0 mmol/l and no symptoms of hyperglycaemia were randomised to a policy of conventional glucose control pandora charms, primarily with diet, or to an intensive policy with sulphonylurea or insulin. 1 24 26 The aim in the group allocated to conventional control (n=1138) was to obtain fasting plasma glucose concentration 1Incidence rates by category of glycaemiaThe unadjusted incidence rates were calculated by dividing the number of people with a given complication by the person years of follow up for the given complication within each category of updated mean haemoglobin A1c concentration and reported as events per 1000 years of follow up.29 The categories were defined (median values in parentheses) as: 1c of 4.6 11.2% (1st 99th centile). pandora charms

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